About Us

We are a Canadian company that specializes in new and used steel shipping containers used for a wide variety of applications including storage and moving.

We have full customization facilities in our Barrie, Ontario, Canada location and can create site offices, restroom facilities, living quarters, portable businesses and unique container applications which our clients bring to us.

We pride ourselves in the fast delivery of our products and can ship our finished products anywhere in North America. We do this so that we can become “Your Container Provider”

Secure Store has it’s head office in Barrie, Ontario Canada with remote offices and storage facilities throughout Canada. Our 50 acre site acts as the hub for our customized containers.

Founded in 1986, Secure Store has quickly become a leader in the modification of steel shipping containers for practical uses.

The three primary applications for our steel shipping containers are storage, moving and containers modified for individuals to work or live in.

We pride ourselves at working with our clients to achieve unique applications for Secure Store containers.

Our containers are solid steel and wind/water tight and offer one of the highest levels of security available for portable storage. That makes them perfect for storing valuable items and packing them for moving.

You can rest comfortably knowing that your contents are secure and protected from the elements. Whether your needs are for a small container for personal storage or multiple units for the creation of a storage business Secure Store can provide you with affordable solutions.

The rapidly expanding marketplace for modified containers is leading our growth into the future.

Applications such as on-site field offices, temporary or semi-permanent living accommodations and self standing solar and wind powered containers have expanded our marketplace.

Our team of expert representatives are ready and available to answer your questions and assist you at finding the best solution for your application.

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